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I think for now 7 slots is enough and you should rather raise your END and VGR. You would have to invest 10 points into ATN for just 1 slot more, while 10 points into endurance or Vigor would boost HP or stamina to a point where its just more worth than 1 more slot …

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Одно из самых проблемных мест Dark Souls 2 – система прочности, которая была довольно таки серьезно изменена со времен оригинальной версии игры.Выберите Dark Souls 2 в Steam. Отключите кабель монитора из графической карты. Нажмите Enter для запуска игры. Dark Souls 2 Cheats: Invincibility, Infinite Souls... :… The Dark Souls 2 wiki explains that these trades are less random than they appear. Each of the four items that the sisters accept is associated with a group of treasures that the sisters are more likely to offer in exchange. Human Effigies are mostly likely to be exchanged for Smooth and Silky Stones.

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Achieving rank #2 of the Blue Sentinels; Also sold by Chancellor Wellager (the ghost in Drangleic Castle) in NG++ for 8,200 souls. (Bonfire Ascetics don't work.) Notes. With less than 43 ATN you only get 1 cast. A second cast is added at 43 ATN, and a third cast is added at 99 ATN. The damage from this spell is Lightning. Dark Souls 2 - One Spell Slot And How To Use It - YouTube