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Thinkcentre A55 memory upgrade - green and blue slot? Re: Thinkcentre M55 memory upgrade - green and blue slot? ‎05-16-2011 05:31 AM so you got the usf or usff M55, then there is no differences, they each can accept a maximum of 2 gigs for a total of 4 gigs across the two slots. I have 2 blue ram slots & 2 black. What is significance ... 2 blue ones are Primay they should be closest to the CPU, if they are not and it is the black ones closest then black are primary, you should have the ram sticks slotted into the ones closest to the CPU, then if you plan to replace those with others you need to fill the first 2 closest to the CPU and then use the others if you add more.

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4 BSOD Errors That Can Kill Your PC and their Solutions - Geekflare Nov 12, 2017 ... Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) error can reduce the lifespan of your PC ... Remove the RAM from the slot and clean the golden edges with a dry ... Fury DDR3 Memory – 4GB-16GB | HyperX

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Difference between a blue memory dimm slot and brown ... Hello,I have a pavillion desktop with 4 mem slots 2 blue nd 2 regular brown. I wante to increase the ram fro the 2GB I had to ^GB. I added the @x2GB in the remainig slots, got a beep...removed the ...

Re: ram slots. They are pairs for dual channel memory usage.cheak projecter mode your in under hdmi mode blue cool settings on hi ? eash input setup is differt use warm colers not cool 1 2 3 so on u know what i mean sum sterio have hard time with hdmi out to dvi might wann use coumpuont out from...

Getting "Blue screen" randomly on my new PC??!!?!? | IGN… Make sure you check the ram is in the correct slots for your board and go into BIOS to check RAM settings match the RAM you're using.Completely agree with this. Discussion boards are not a very effective way to help someone with a "blue screen" issue. After a few quick tests, it truly could be just... 3 sticks of ram, 4 slots - placement?